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Thread: Considering buying a WODE

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    Considering buying a WODE

    Ok, so I had held out waiting for Dios Mios to be released, but it seems to be dead. I salivate at the thought of loading Gamecube games from USB. So I am considering buying a WODE for just that purpose. I do have a few questions and would appreciate any answers I may get:

    I like to keep things simple and convenient. I want to continue to use my softmod for loading wii games with loaders and cIOS. I only want the WODE for Gamecube games.

    1.) In the youtube video of WODE installation, the user plugs the usb cable into the port on the inside of the wii. All cIOS loaders use the port on the outside. Does the WODE in fact use the inside port? I ask this because I want a hard drive for the WODE, and a separate one for the Wii. As I like things simple, I would like to have WODE on the inside port, and my other HDD on the outside port at the same time. This would be OK, right? Yes, I could unplug if need be but as I said I am OCD about this stuff.

    2.) How does WODE play with cIOS? Will cIOS (hermes 222-224, wan 249) cause any problems with the way WODE functions? Will WODE "mess up" my cIOSs in any way? I use many apps that use cIOS, so I don't want WODE interfering with them.

    3.) Does WODEflow work with Gamecube games? All youtube videos I see show Wii games on WODEflow, but I want to load Gamecube games with WODEflow so I don't have to use the joystick.

    4.) How is the quality of Gamecube games? I've heard the screen has a pink tint to it? And I know about audio streaming not working, is there a hardware mod/solution to fix this?

    5.) What about Hard Drives that fall asleep? With the one I'm planning on using, I can't disable spindown. Does WODE keep them awake like cIOS does?

    6.) Finally, what is the return policy on a WODE if I decide I don't want it?

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions!
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    I'll answer your questions briefly, please look at the guides in this section, and on wode jukebox.

    1. The Wode normally uses the inside port. You can plug another HDD into the outside port. You can also setup a hub if you wish of many drives. (unless you have a hub, there would be nowhere for the mic to go for RB)
    2. You can use a USB Loader, with cIOS222, and run your games from the other port.
    3. See the game cube guide video in the games section, you can configure the wode to display the GC games in the disk channel, use a GC controller to operate. (no need to use the joystick)
    4. Quality is good, on my setup, GC looks like Wii.
    5. You would have to check out the Drive issues on wode jukebox. There is not the compatibility issues like the Wii.
    6. You would have to check with your supplier. I would guess if you have installed it then you keep it.

    It is much easier to copy all your games onto one HDD, and use the loaders that have been modified for the Wode. Having two loaders does not make sense, but it is possible.

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