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Thread: Problems with Neogamma and USB Loader GX. Please Help!

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    Problems with Neogamma and USB Loader GX. Please Help!

    uh. im having a problem with my neogamma. and usb loader gx. when i had recently got guitar hero 6 warriors of rock, my usb loader gx for some reason could not read the game. so i thought that maybe the ios for the game wasint working so i updated my ios 222 to merge 37 to 38. However after that, none of my games worked on usb loader gx and my neogamma wad. on the other had the games work perfectly fine on configurable usb loader but its says i have 2 different ios 222's. It the other Ios 222 affecting my wad and my usb loader gx and that is why my games arent running on those wads? or is it something else? oh and neogamma will work through the homebrew channel but just not on my wad. my wii has been modded for a year maybe 2 yrs now. and i havent had a problem since. im not sure if i should delete the ios because i know i have been seeing many forums that deleting a ios is risky and should just be reinstalled instead. can someone help me with this problem? oh and my neogamma channel allows me to stay in it and when i start the game some fuzzy works appears over the words "game loading" then restarts and shows back up to the wii menu. please any help would be greatly appreciated! please and thank you!

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