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Thread: basic questions (wiikey 2 user)

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    basic questions (wiikey 2 user)


    I've been away from videogaming for a long time and i'm just getting back into it. Looking into the boards it's all kinda overwhelming so hence these simple questions!

    I own a european WII with system menu 3.2e and a wiikey 2.
    Yesterday i've updated the wiikey 2 with the update/config combined disc v1.3 : odyssey.

    All i want to do is play my backups from the disc.

    Is there a point in updating my system menu to 4.1e? Some sites say that this is the best firmware to be on but i'm not sure if i can see any advantage? (For my case : just wanting to play those backups from the disc.)

    With this setup, i should be able to play everything straight from the disc without any problems?
    (= no patching for piracy protection + don't have to be on a higher firmware + not having to install seperate ios's in order to run the games, wich only applies to softmods as far as i can tell?, ...)
    Or are there certain games that won't work with my setup?

    I've burned 3 different games today. All scrubbed versions. And ntsc-u games.
    I've burned each game at a different speed : 1x, 2x and 4x. I use imageburn with verbatim dvd-r.
    But the disc channel gives me the "unable to read the disc" message on all 3 games...

    Am i missing something? Or is it simply because the games are scrubbed that they might not be working? It's the only thing i can think of...

    I own about 50 old backups wich i've burned myself when i first bought the wii and i've never had any problems so i'm just wondering what's going wrong now...

    Sorry for all the noob questions. I'd just like some confirmation on everything because i've no idea what i'm doing wrong...
    Thanks for reading, and replying
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    You can stay on 3.2e, you can play all games.
    Can you play old burned DVD with NTSC games on your Wii?
    If not, did you enabled "region free" with config disc for WiiKey 2?

    If you get black screen when you starting a game you must manually update one or more IOS file(s) but that's very simply. You can find guides for that in this forum
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    I've always played PAL games in the past just to be safe!
    Just checked and the region patcher option was turned off! Problem fixed!
    Thank you riger!


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