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Thread: wiikey with new update? help

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    wiikey with new update? help

    hi i have a wiikey solder fitted to a d2b cut leg wii. it runs 1.9s and works 100%, i have just got wii music and it wants to do a update, my question is should i let it?
    i only play disc games not anything through the homebrew bit and i know about same region updates, mine is a pal unit by the way.

    thanx for anyhelp

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    if you dont care about out of region games, feel free, and do whatever you like

    you can block the update, and see if it will work, there are a lot of problems people have with running wii music, odds are you need whatever is on the update

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    hi agin, just for info in case anyone else wanted to know! wii music works fine on 3.2u with a origional wiikey d2b firmware 1.9s. so no need to run the update so best burned with brickblocker.

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    I run wii music on a wii with wiikey2 installed and firmware 3.4 on pal in aus.

    I do have the update blocker turned on also, It loaded fine straight up. So either I was already past its update, Or the blocker is working as it should.

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    could be either, reguardless if it ran then thats all that matters, you CAN patch the fake signer, but thats only if you want to play out of region and you must have HBC prior

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    I got it to work by blocking the DVD updates and then even though it said that I MUST update and it MAY make my Wii unplayable if it has been modded, I updated anyways (which I'm guessing doesn't really update it, it just fakes it since it was "blocked" by the WiiKey1), and sure enough, after the "update", the game worked. No harm done.

    But the important step is making sure that the DVD update blocker is turned ON through the 1.9s config disc. This will save your Wii.

    Now, back to shaking my Wii remote and nunchuck to music.....


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