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Thread: wikey fusion position?

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    wikey fusion position?

    I've just bought and Installed a Wikey Fusion but have trouble both ejecting and playing discs that worked fine on a D2sun chip console,I have managed to get the Gamecube logo on the menu so something is going right..........Any ideas guys?

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    take out the sd card from both slots.
    if that doesnt work, hold in power while hitting eject..seems to work for me?

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    Update the fusion firmware to v1.2. (As a note, firmware v1.4 is not the latest firmware version. v1.2 is newer.) I had the identical problem and the firmware update completely fixed all my issues...

    If you have a disk stuck inside the drive. Unplug the power cord from the wii. When you plug the power back into the wii immediately eject the disk inside.


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