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Thread: Wiikey 2 installed, some problems...

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    Wiikey 2 installed, some problems...

    OK, Japanese Wii, DMS, Wiikey2+clip (correctly done)....

    1: Load a backup, US region, recognized on channels, when selected recog'd, but when run goes to black and the Wii won't respond to any buttons on the remote or machine.

    2: Update. What is a "tarball" file? Do I have to extract this file (just a TXT folder and one TXT inside)? Is this file just burned directly to disk and we go?

    3: INserted this game and I'm guessing it tried to update or something, it took a bit of time and had a status bar. Unfortunately it was waaaay too much JP and my wife is at work tonight.

    News: Just put the dz2 file on a DVD, no luck.
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    Tarball is an archive file, you need to extract the contents.

    Does your Wii have problems with all backups or just this one?

    Normally black screen is because of NTSC/PAL issues but Japan is NTSC and so is US.

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    Yes, but do I put the resulting folder on the DVD or the TXT file held inside.

    I haven't tried another backup because 1. I don't want to kill the Wii with an accidental upgrade (I don't know if the update blocker is on or not) 2. Ran out of DVDs last night...

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    WHat the heck was that....

    Finally cracked that file open. It was a Bzip file containing a Tar file containing an ISO. The original file that came in was 100kb, the tar file was 1.36gb, the ISO was 887mb. WIld.....


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