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Thread: Noob here neeed help [becasue i cant search]

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    Noob here neeed help [becasue i cant search]

    So Heres the bacground to my issue. I originally hacked my wii when it was version 4.2. It worked flawlessly but then some one in my house decieded they wanted to buy an online game so they updated teh system to 4.3 without telling me. I manage to fix the system and got it haced again and working. Now the other day i got a disney singing game for my daughter to play with but the mic would not be recognised. I had the mic from an american Idol game i purchased a while back. How can i get the mic to work on my hacked wii. Please keep in mind i really have no knowledge of the wii or any hardmodding. i managed to softmod it through here after reading dozens of tutorials and watching youtube videos.

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    There are guides on this forum that you can SEARCH for that help with instruments..... maybe not the exact game that you have but will have the same fixes

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    wow man......what a way to help others. bean for you!!!

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    Here are the two guides you passed over to make this post instead of checking out that will help you avoid an answer like that from a staff member.
    The Noob`s guide to getting help

    Ultimate Searching Tool
    Give credit where credit is due. If it helps you, click "thanks" on ANY guide I link.


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