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Thread: Neogamma problem again :[

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    Neogamma problem again :[

    idk what I did but now when I click load game from dvd it gives me the
    DVD Err(1208) Disc ID
    no cios+ dvd-r?

    help me

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    looks like a bad iso or burn... did you use imgburn and x2 speed?

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    it wasnt a bad burn because they always worked before.
    I did reboot it by accident though D:

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    Bump for help
    cmon guys I want help

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    OK, all games or a single game? Did you back this up from your original or? Use Verbatim DVD-R (not the "Life" subseries) or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R? Burn with IMGBurn @ 4X or 2X? You don't give the store away in your posts. Reply with a SysCheck as described here if you're serious.

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    all games now. They always used to work until I rebooted neogamma or something
    can you give me the default settings for neogamma though?
    ALL of them I think thats the problem here.

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    First do a SysCheck as I asked (mainly because I'm rather busy with an entire DV9000 laptop strewn about in my bedroom... reflowing the GPU right now).

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    ill do it tommorow because I g2g now

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    Hmmm... bump pleading for help and 35 minutes into it, "I got to go." Yeah, pressing issue...

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    It's a good thing you helped him in a hurry.
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