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Thread: Goldeneye 007

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    Goldeneye 007

    I just got Goldeneye and when I go to play via the cfg usb loader, It appears that the wiimote controls do not work and I have to use the gamecube controller that I have. Does anybody know what to do here please as I would very much like to take advantage of the unique control style of the wiimote, and also the wireless element as my TV/Wii is quite a long way from where I sit to play the games!!

    I had the Gamecube controller plugged in when I started the game.......does this make a difference, I mean does it automatically look for that controller as default??

    Please help if you can

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    Having the GC plugged in may be a factor; have you tried it without? What does the original game disc do in the game channel?

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    The original game works fine, the backup now works fine but I have had to remove the GC controller to use the Wiimote, must just be something to do with the backup. Works perfect, just can't have the GC controller plugged in while playing the big deal really.


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