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Thread: sysCheck GX v1.0.0 by erikspyder

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    sysCheck GX v1.0.0 by erikspyder

    This homebrew does several checks on installed IOS and custom IOS and generates a report on the root of the SD card.

    * Nice GUI;
    * Report viewer;
    * Simplified / detailed report with information about what IOSes are and what they are useful for;
    * Language file;
    * Configurable settings;

    Download:Download sysCheckGX.rar, upload your files and earn money.


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    thanks cile
    I want to try this out
    See the Thanks button over there?
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    Generally worked good, thanks. Here are some suggestions.
    1. Let me change my report folder to usb. I tried usb:\ usb0:\ and usb1:\ and none seemed to work for the port I was in. Suggestions are welcome. I'm sure you already thought of this and there is some technical glitch. I'd love to hear what it is so i can learn.
    1a. Same thing, about the usb drive except have it check both SD AND USB for the config folder so it doesn't crash when it doesn't find it on the SD....maybe put up an error if you can't fix it such that someone knows they HAVE to put in the SD card.
    2. Put the config folder here: drive:\apps\syscheckGX\config so that your total apps folder is self contained. Why would i want a config folder off the root. Sure, i can fix it (i assume i didn't try) by changeing the path, but pre-fix it so no one else has to.
    3. Register this with homebrew browser.

    Otherwise, nice job. Thanks for your efforts!


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