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Thread: Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0 - by Eke-Eke

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    Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0 - by Eke-Eke

    Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0 - Greatly improved Sega Mega Drive emulator in a new gui

    The sound handling has been completely rewritten so that the image and sound output will be issued soft and without lag. The new gaming memory function is the game that you played last, called at the start of the emulator automatically. Overall stability was increased, the emulation of a PC-mouse through the WiiMote has been improved, SDHC and USB 2.0 support added by IOS58 and compiled the program with the current devkitPPC libogc r22 and 1.8.5.



    Download:GPGX 1.4
    Source:Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0 - Stark verbesserter Sega Megadrive-Emulator im neuem Gewand | Wii Homebrew

    This thread is posted in the downloads section, only post here if you have a problem with the download.

    If you wish to discuss the emulator then visit this thread -
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