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Thread: Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0 - by Eke-Eke

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    Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0 - by Eke-Eke

    Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0 - Greatly improved Sega Mega Drive emulator in a new gui

    The sound handling has been completely rewritten so that the image and sound output will be issued soft and without lag. The new gaming memory function is the game that you played last, called at the start of the emulator automatically. Overall stability was increased, the emulation of a PC-mouse through the WiiMote has been improved, SDHC and USB 2.0 support added by IOS58 and compiled the program with the current devkitPPC libogc r22 and 1.8.5.


    1.4.0 (01/11/2010)
    Core / Sound

    * Completely Rewrote sound processing / mixing: sound chips are now clocked with exact output frame rate to Ensure 100% smooth video & audio playback, with no lay or skipping, while rendering of accurate number of samples per frame and keeping PSG & FM chips in sync .
    * Improved PSG & FM chips synchronization with CPU execution (fixed point precision).
    * Improved YM2612 core general accuracy (SSG-EC, CSM mode ,...) (based upon Nemesis recent tests on real hardware)
    * Improved YM2612 emulation accuracy LFO: fixes "Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety" (intro)
    YM2612 * fixed bug with Timer B: fixes "long Risser Hikari II" / "The Long Risser II (Sega logo)
    * Fixed YM2612 context saving / loading.
    * Fixed YM2612 state on reset.
    * Removed outdated and less accurate gene YM2612 core
    * Added configurable YM2612 DAC resolution emulation.
    * Added configurable FIR resampler and faster (thanks to Blargg & AamirM), removed libsamplerate support.
    * Added configurable low-pass filtering
    * Added configurable 3-band equalizer (thanks to Neil C).
    * Added an option to boost SN76489 Noise Channel.
    SN76489 * adjusted cut-off frequency.
    * Implemented Blargg's blip buffer in SN76489 core (all channels are now lineary interpolated)

    Core / VDP

    * Added support for CRAM writes during horizontal blanking (Striker, Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel ,...)
    * Added support for 2-Cell vertical scrolling in two interlaced mode
    * Added support for some undocumented mode register bits
    * Added proper emulation of HV counter latch: fixes Sunset Riders intro
    * Added pixel-accurate emulation of mid-line display on / off (Nigel Mansell World Championship PAL, Ren & Stimpy's Invention PAL ,...)
    * 2-cell VScroll improved emulation accuracy, as verified on real hardware (Gynoug, Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel, Formula One, Kawasaki Superbike Challenge)
    * FIFO improved accuracy timings: fixes Sol Deac intro
    * Sprite masking improved accuracy (thanks to Nemesis for his test program)
    * Improved sprites processing accuracy: fixed (un) masked sprites in Mickey Mania (3D level), Sonic 2 (VS mode).
    * Improved timing accuracy HBLANK flag: fixes Mega Turrican (Sky level)
    * Improved horizontal blanking & HINT / VINT occurrence timing accuracy, as measured on real hardware.
    * HCounter improved accuracy in 40-cell mode, as measured on real hardware.
    * Improved color accuracy in VDP highlight mode to match results observed on real hardware

    Core / CPU

    * Updated Z80 core to version (fixes interrupt mode 0 timing and some instructions BIT) last.
    * Fixed some Z80 instructions timing.
    * Fixed state of Z80 registers on reset (sound issues with Defender and Defender 2 in Williams Arcade Classics)
    * Z80 interrupt improved accuracy
    68k * improved accuracy (initial reset auto-vectored interrupts timing + handling).
    * Improved timing accuracy for 68k DIVU / DVIS (thanks to Jorge Cwik) & Mulu / Mul's instructions.
    * Implemented 68k undocumented flags behavior for DIVU / DIVS instructions (Bloodshot / Battle Frenzy)
    * Improved Z80 & 68k cpu execution / synchronization accuracy by using master clock as common reference (now run exactly 3420 m, Cycles per line).
    * Modified Z80 & 68k intermediate cores to directly use external cycle count instead of counters.

    Core / Extra

    * Added Game Genie emulation hardware.
    * Added Action Replay & (support only preliminary Pro Action Replay 2) Pro Action Replay hardware emulation.
    * Added Sonic & Knuckles "lock-on" support.
    * Added cartridge "Hot Swap" feature.
    * Added missing EEPROM support in more games.
    * Added VDP lock-out emulation (TMSS).
    * Improved emulation of copy-protection hardware found in some unlicensed cartridges (Mulan, Pocket Monsters II).
    Realtec mapper emulation * fixed: fixes missing sound in Balloon Boy / Funny World.
    * Fixed lightgun auto-detection: fixed default cursor position in Lethal Enforcers II
    * Enabled simultaneous use of multitap & J-CART (Super Skidmarks 6-player mode)
    * Lots of code cleanup, bugfixes and optimization.

    Gamecube / Wii

    * Implemented custom font engine (uses internal IPL font rendering hardware & GX).
    * Implemented custom GUI engine (GX uses hardware rendering and multithreaded)
    * Implemented advanced menu interface (IR pointing, game snapshots, cheats & saves manager, visual & sound effects, BGM, support etc).
    * Improved audio / video synchronization TO ENSURE 100% smooth video & audio playback.
    * Improved soft-reset button support, now works more like real Mega Drive / Genesis (model 1) reset button.
    * Improved lightgun cursor layout.
    * Added automatic loading feature ROM (last played game launches immediately when starting the emulator)
    * Added codes and PAR. Pat files support
    * Fixed lot of stability issues and potential memory leaks.

    Wii specific

    * Added video hardware "Gamma" control
    * Added video hardware "Trap Filter" control
    * Mouse emulation through improved Wii Remote
    * Compiled with devkitPPC r22 & libogc 1.8.5 (includes SDHC & USB2 support through IOS58, removes DVDX support)[/SPOILER][SPOILER=''PICS'']


    Download:GPGX 1.4
    Source:Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0 - Stark verbesserter Sega Megadrive-Emulator im neuem Gewand | Wii Homebrew

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    If you wish to discuss the emulator then visit this thread -
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