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Thread: daughter updated to 4.3u

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    daughter updated to 4.3u

    Came home the other day my daughter had updated to 4.3u .Is there anyway to bring this thing back to virgin state.been reading for hours thanks.

    p.s. wii is still working just wont connect to internet to play some games. wii keeps saying needs update but wont .error 32017 . no wii shop channel and some games wont play.thanks again.

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    hi yor best just modding your wii again useing this guide and make sure you set the no disc and online updates but you need a game to do it but if you want to make your wii a vergin again use this guide good luck
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    Why do you want to virginize your wii?
    if you want to re-softmod, just update what you have installed, no need to virginize then mod again

    also, I wouldn't suggest virginizing
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