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Thread: Question about hard drive usb and laptop.

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    Question Question about hard drive usb and laptop.

    Here's the thing. Some months ago i bouhgt a cable with USB in both sides. [ ]. I thought that it should be useful someday. And now I have this crazy idea, [one friend of mine said that its impossible to do this but... lets try] was thinking to plug my Laptop into my Wii and make the Wii think that my computer are a "USB hard drive", i made a partition in my Laptop in FAT32 with 20 gigas, but when I plug into my Wii, my Wii doesn't reconize him. I never used this cable before, maybe its him. And have another thing that my friend said "This partition its not configured to be a USB Hard drive, so it's impossible or a lot of work to do.". I was thinking, my laptop have 3 places to put USB cables, i could choose one to make the Wii think "Oh, its a Hard Drive?". My idea comes with the "Daemon Tools", the idea to emulate something to make the computer think that's a CD.

    Thank you for the attetion and sorry about the english and if I post it in wrong place. I searched in the front page of the "USB HDD Mods" and I didn't find anything.
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    What modchip do you have?
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    I softmoded and I don't know wich modchip I have. I'm using Neogamma and thE usb loader gx.
    Sorry this part of the forum its for Modchips, I was thinking to use just by softmoded.

    You can erase this post. :/ [I think my problem have nothing to do with softmod or modchip.]

    Thank you anyway.
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    USB Loader GX

    I have an External HD and to it work on my Wii i formated this in Wii format.
    I used this: WBFS Manager
    With this program i formated my HD on 500GB WBFS and 500GB FAT32
    Now I just need to use the WBFS manager to take my Wii's Isos from the computer to the HD and load USB loader on my Wii and he finds automacally the right partition.

    So, Try to format this partition with 20GB to WBFS and than use the WBFS manager to put ISOS from your non-wbfs partition to your wbfs partition on the note and than try to load it on Wii.

    Repply if this works.

    Sorry for my bad english. I really tried to do it good >.<

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    I get what you tryied to mean, but i did it it anyway. Didn't work :/

    Acho que s brasileiro, eu tentei fazer exatamente isso, no deu certo :/

    I already tryied to use a Pen drive of 1 giga, and it works.


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