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Thread: Wiikey Fusion SD Problems

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    Wiikey Fusion SD Problems


    I have a problem and hope you can help me, I have a new Nintendo Wii with Wiikey Fusion chip, it is supposed to only be able to read SD memory and I have managed to update it to 1.4 but do I put games on the SD memory so do not read the games and I do not get the GC logo. What is wrong?

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    you have to have a sd card in the back slot to get that

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    I have the SD card in the Wiikey fusion SD card reader

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    Its not other pepole have this problem?

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    Ca Wikey fusion problem

    Quote Originally Posted by lasernet View Post
    Its not other pepole have this problem?
    i have installed 2 different fusion chips and i cant get anything to work it plays normal wii games fine but it doesnt detect sd cards, it you put a disc in backwards it wont eject and also gamecube games get stuck in there. i have tried 2 different chis and get the same thing it still running origional firmware if i could figure out howto update im sure it would work!, any help will be great.. thanks

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