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Thread: Wiikey Fusion or Wasabi DX

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    Wiikey Fusion or Wasabi DX


    I'm new to modding Wii's, so I would like to hava a easy to install modchip.
    Now I don't know what to choose a Wikkey Fusion or a Wasabi DX.

    It's for a LEH122992429 (DB2) and a LEH22853435 (D2E).

    I think the support of a Wiikey Fusion is better or am I wrong? ( ain't working)
    But I wan't to use DVD backups an no harddrive or SD cards so do I have to connect the SD card reader for the Fusion or can I use is without it?

    Here they say that the DVD backups won't work very well with a Fusion is this fixed with new firmware or should I choose a Wasabi DX?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Wasabi DX is a great chip.

    your older Wii with the D2B could use an original Wiikey which even tho its age was updated to support BCA patched games and is completely updatable from DVD.

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    Hi, I have 2 wii's one with a drivkey and the other with a wasabi dx, both run all games with no hassel ! Both are top modchips for dvd backups ;-) the only difference is that the wasbi dx can be updated via dvd.



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