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Thread: My wii died, but I still have warranty.. and homebrew

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    My wii died, but I still have warranty.. and homebrew

    So I haven't played my Wii in a while, and I tried turning it on today and it just wouldn't. The power light isn't even glowing.. but I only hadn't played it for about a week.

    Well anyway, I am supposed to have a warranty until January 2009 and I'm just wondering if I'll run into any issues by having Homebrew on the system when I'm taking it in (and maybe some Wiihackedwaregames..).

    I mean, if my Wii was toast would they just replace it and not look at what's on the Wii? Does it even matter?

    Or has anyone run into the same broken system and it has any easy fix by any chance? :X

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    could be something simple like the power cord xD
    but if you send it in, odds are they wont care, or even notice, if you have hacked games, they arnt gonna check the mac adress just so they can reject your waranty, odds are they would fix and send back no issues

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    Well it would be a local Nintendo joint.. is that the same concept? I guess I'll just take it in.

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    more or less


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