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Thread: Need help with ios

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    Need help with ios

    Hello from Greece

    I have softmoded my wii with this guide
    and everything works fine the last 5+ months

    But there are 2 games i can't play
    Monster hunter 3 and prince of persia forgotten sands

    I read that i have to install some ios and from this guide
    I saw that these are the ones IOS55-64-5149 for monster hunter and IOS53-64-v5149 for prince.

    I also read about Nusdownloader and i downloaded these 2 ios

    Now,i have to install them with wad manager,right?
    Is it safe?
    Do i have to do anything else before I install them?
    Is there a possibility my wii to brick?
    If i install the ios for each game then the games will play or do i have to do anything else too?

    I have followed step by step all the above guide and my wii is 4.0

    Please someone answer me,i don't want to do something stupid.


    Ps.Sorry for any mistakes in my english....

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    MH3 read HERE and PoP HERE and a good read HERE

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    We have guides for those games, are you playing them from USB? If so you don't need to install those IOS, although you still can if you like.

    Look in the problems game link in my signature for lino the game guides.

    Yes the IOS wads will be installed with wad manager, remember never delete an IOS lower then 200.

    Edit: Desperado beat me
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    First thank you both for your quick help.

    Yes i play the games with gx usb loader,so i don't need to install them?
    What do i do?
    i use Hermes cIOS installer as desperado suggested?

    I would apreciate direct help if it is possible because promting me to other links is a little dificult to me.
    I don't have much knowledge on the subject.
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    For MH3, yes you need hermes cIOS. You will need to read the guides and follow the instructions, if you are stuck when trying the instructions then ask for help in the guide, not here. Good luck.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Ok thank you very much!

    Sorry for your trouble.


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