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Thread: Wiikey2/WiiClipv14 - Next steps?

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    Wiikey2/WiiClipv14 - Next steps?

    I've got a D2E drive firmware and I've ordered a Wiikey2 with the WiiClip (v14).

    My Wii was recently purchased. I've never connected it to the internet and when I go to the Wii settings, it says the firmware is 3.3U.

    When I get the Wiikey+Clip, I will install it onto the drive chip.

    1) After I install it, do I put an original game in and start the Wii to activate Region Free? Will any original game do (ie WiiSports)? Will a menu pop up asking me to activate Region Free?

    2) I read somewhere about installing/running something that will prevent any accidental bricking if I were to load updates from a different region disc. What is the process for doing so?

    3) Are updates to the Wii installed via the internet or via games that are inserted into the drive?

    4) Is it ok for me to connect to the internet? Will the Wii get autoupdated or is it something I can decline?

    5) My brother in law has a similar Wii. If he has already updated the Wii firmware to 3.4, will he still be able to play backups if he has a Wiikey2 installed?


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    All I did with mines was run Wii Sports original first. I thien ran the V1.2 set up disk and chose the options I want. It's fine to update as long as your updating with the same region game as the console, you can choose the options from the set up disk, I chose to block all update and I also remove the updates from the games using WiU1.1
    Hope this helps


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