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Thread: Noob question about wadmanager.

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    Noob question about wadmanager.

    Yeah, is a really noob question, anyway.

    Once you install a .wad with wadmanagar, can you delete it from SD card without problems?
    For example: I have installed the truchabug.wad, can I remove it from SD so I won't "accidentally" press it while in wadmanager?


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    yes, you can remove everything you already installed.
    Accidentally would mean you press A a 2nd time on the "sure you want to install?"
    always double check when messing around with wad installations.
    good luck

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    Yes, you can remove it. Keep in mind, if you ever want to "uninstall" anything via wad manager, it'd require the original wad you installed (to fully remove it; otherwise you're left with either Data Mgtmt or Any Title Deleter). I don't recall "truchabug.wad" being in our softmod guides, though.

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    It was just an example. :P Thanks a lot.


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