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Thread: WiiFlow - Help pleaseeeeeee :)

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    WiiFlow - Help pleaseeeeeee :)

    Hi guys i just checked out the wii flow website (WiiFlow USB Loader - By Hibernatus) and downloaded the full i got this 100mb rar file which has a lot of stuff in it...i would like to install it as a channel on my wii...if someone could please post a simple method to follow for a big time noob like myself it would be really appreciated...btw i dont understand what a wad is or what wad manager please someone help...i have read a few installation guides on this site and have stumbled across various guides...getting more confused :S i also do not understand what cios...etc. are and mean...i would really appreciate any help and assistance anyone provides for me to install this

    Thanks in advance! <3 wiihacks!

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    you won't be able to install wiiflow as a channel without using a wadmanager and installing the corresponding .wad file (the channel) with it.
    Maybe have a read on the softmod basics linked below, browse the first chapter, and find some links to modding dictionary etc.
    Get a wadmanager (put it to apps on your sd card).
    Find out which channel you want to install (forwarder preffered over full channel, but that is your decision).
    Put forwarder channel .wad file on sd card.
    Open wadmanager form hbc (select a cIOS on startup, maybe 249).
    Browse to .wad location, install it. Close Program.
    Find the installed channel on your systemmenu.

    maybe that helos too: Wiiflow Installation/setup
    or a good explanation how to install forwarder channels etc in the FAT32 loadnig guide linked below, section USB Loaders.
    good luck (you will need some further reading to accomplish that, you should know what a wad is and cIOS/IOS..)

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