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Thread: Homebrew 1.08 Update on 4.2?

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    Post Homebrew 1.08 Update on 4.2?


    I have my Wii setup on wireless network and it kept asking me for update to HomeBrew 1.08. I am currently on 1.06 on Wii 4.2U. Should I updated to 1.08 and if so how I should I do it? I am thinking manually. If updated is recommended, how should I proceed? Thank you very much. I am just afraid it will cause more problem than goods. Thanks.

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    Just make sure you have IOS58 installed first. Online updating is fine.
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    Actually, updating to 1.0.8 is not a bad move. What you should do, however, is first click on the link in my signature for IOS58 and install it first from the Homebrew channel. Once that is done, feel free to accept the online update for the Homebrew channel (make sure you have some space on your SD card). With IOS58 installed, HBC will install onto that slot, granting your homebrew applications USB 2.0 support.
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    Thank you very much. I will give it a try.


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