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Thread: Kmart having a 10% sale on Nov.7

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    Kmart having a 10% sale on Nov.7

    Kmart, yes I did say Kmart. If you didn't know, Kmart is now owned by Sears, for a while now. Anyways, on Nov 7, Kmart is having a 10% off sale on the good stuff we are interested in, the electronics stuff.

    You and your Family & Friends get 10% off* all
    regular and clearance priced merchandise

    Get 10% off Sporting Goods, Toys, Seasonal, Edibles, Consumables,
    Hardware, Appliances (not major Appliances), Hard Home, Soft Home,
    Stationery, Beauty, Health, Electronics, Entertainment and Auto.

    Not available to associates or retirees.

    There is also a 20% off sale on less interesting stuff

    I think you need to print this with your printer and present it at the check out - LOOK HERE

    The reason I mention this is, none of the game console manufacturers are giving a discount this Christmas season, and 10% off a $300 PS3 = $30 off, just enough to head up to gamestop and purchase a used game.


    What ever happened to Kmart anyways, that used to be the store, but have fallen behind. I remember when they closed a bunch of stores, but it was the good ones they closed and left the junkie ones opened, I figured the ones that got shut down are the ones that Kmart didn't own the buildings themselves, and the ones that were left open they must have owned the buildings. Forever what reason, when I go to the Kmart in my town, there's never anybody in there, everybody is at Walmart or Meijer, I really don't see how that store stays open.
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    HAHA........ read the fine print on that ad. "not valid on video game hardware and video game products" Sneaky little bastards!


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