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Thread: Super Smash Brawl Bugs

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    Ca Super Smash Brawl Bugs

    If this is in the wrong section, then feel free to move it.

    You see, I have two bugs that I always encounter when a play Super Smash. My Wii is successfully modded at 4.3U and Im currently loading WiiFlow on a SD card and running Super Smash on a USB HD. Here are the two bugs I would like to ask for help.

    1. When I play the Subspace Emissary, every time it plays the video before you start the mission, it always plays the one at the beginning ( With the stadium where Mario and Kirby fights )

    2. When I do brawl, i have to use random. Because every time i go to the part where you choose a stage/map, the game freezes and makes a buzzing noise.


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    I have the exact same problem. Also, it doesn't work online, only spectate.
    Please reply, thanks.


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