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Thread: wii wont connect to internet anymore, how do I get covers

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    wii wont connect to internet anymore, how do I get covers

    Hi, my wii just stopped connecting to the internet for some reason, no idea why. Is there anyway I can still get covers for games? I use WBFS manager and it has an option to show covers and download covers from the web, but it doesn't seem to do that. So any help would be great.


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    1,615 is where they are downloaded from on the wii
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    us3ername hit the nail on the head there
    however if wiitdb dont have what your looking for (i.e they only have front cover not a full cover) try googling the game code
    i.e for new super mario bros. (Pal version)
    search for "SMNP01 filetype: png" without quotes and no space beetween : & p (smileys wont let me type properly)
    This will find all images in png format which is most compatible with usb loaders.
    You should find what you are looking for
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    Each loader has a specific location to place the images, so find out where your loader wants the images. Also, do not rename the images, as has them in the correct format to load.
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