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Thread: Wiiflow HDD does not work with Korean Wii?

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    Wiiflow HDD does not work with Korean Wii?

    I bought a USB HDD which has Wiiflow pre-loaded from Singapore. The unit was tested and working well at the retailer.

    However, when I brought it back to India and connected it to my Wii, the Home screen does not detect/display the Wiiflow logo.

    Any suggestions since it's impossible for me to return to Singapore just to fix this? My Wii is a Korean set which I believe has been modded to play English (U.S.A.) games and the retailer assured me it would work on all Korean Wii consoles.

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    Neither you nor us, know exactly what was done to your console. You may want to contact the retailer since we did not assist in this process in any way.

    Are you saying you purchased a harddrive full of games (piracy)?
    and are wondering why it doesn't just work on any console (those that are not modded)?
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