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Thread: Legit copy of nsmb update? Modchipped

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    Legit copy of nsmb update? Modchipped

    I have a dspro9 modded wii. I just ran the most recent update/flash. Everything seems ok afterward. When I put it a real copy of new super Mario wii it wants to update. Can I? Or will it brick my wii?

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    just get the ios needed to run the game and install it yourself...

    take a read HERE and HERE
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    SO, NSMB uses New Super Mario Bros Wii...............IOS53 v5406...............System Menu 4.1

    so I download file:

    and then I just burn to dvd and put it in my Wii, let it run, I'm set?

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    if you are talking about the ios file that you got THEN NO!!!!!

    you need to load the .wad via wadmanager and your wii needs to be softmodded....

    if your chipped and you are not on 4.1 system menu then the update will bring you to 4.1 is you are on 4.1 it will install only the ios needed.... to not take the update you need to softmod your will and use wadmanager to install the ios53

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    I'm confused. I'm sure to most users here this is easy to comprehend. For me, I'm completely confused on what to do. I may just remove the chip. I thought adding a chip would allow me to play backups worry free, all of this sounds complicated.


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