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Thread: Re-installing WiiKeyII fw 1.3 on Wii 4.3

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    Re-installing WiiKeyII fw 1.3 on Wii 4.3

    Since I upgraded from 4.2 to 4.3, even more discs are not being read. Actually, 4.2 almost always worked for 5 minutes, 4.3 won't read any disc further than the splash screen in Wii home.

    Do we need to re-install the WiiKey Firmware? How to? I'm puzzled big time. I also read by now it might be even smarter to softmod, even though i am not interested at all: hence the modchip in the first place.

    Any advise is very much appreciated, solutions loved;-)


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    I totally understand your frustration. My son updated from 4.1 to 4.3 through trying to get some Guitar Hero game to work. Thereafter, we tried very unsuccesfully to sort it out ourselves....i.e by formatting the drive etc and even updating the wiikey firmware to 1.3 (the latest I believe), and finally ending up with a bricked Wii.

    So after reading countless web sites and trying what amounted to even more countless solutions, I decided to buy a faulty Wii that had only a disc drive problem and took the chance that my modded wiikey2 drive might still work.

    And yes it did. I successfully swapped the drives from one console to another and got my son to run the 4.3 softmod instructions to get HBC etc on the drive.

    However, my problem is that at least a third of my working games no longer run and I haven't the first scoobie how to get them or newer games like Goldeneye to work. I've got the HBC, Bootmii, etc installed, but don't know what to do next to get past and new games working.
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