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Thread: lol i remember when it was impossible to get a wii

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    about 2 or 3 years ago I bought one when you couldn't find them from toys R us around September when the shipment arrived. I played it for 4 months and sold it on ebay for $100 profit. Maybe you bought mine...

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    I payed $300 for the one I have.... we still play it and drive is still good.... hahahaha things we pay for the kids.....

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    I got mine when wiis were sold out. Then this person at my school was selling there's for $120 it was pretty new and it came with four controllers and 3 games.

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    Yeah, I got mine while heading home from work one day and wandering around Target for the hell of it. I'd seen absolutely none of them in stock prior, but in the games section that day, there was exactly one just sitting there

    Had a brief moment of 'Do I really want to shell out 200 bucks right now?'. That was followed by a moment of 'Yes you do, stupid' and grabbed it

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    I don't remember the exact amount, but I think ours cost roughly $350 on eBay when they first came out. It was a Christmas present, and I was so excited.

    Remember when they first came out, and parents were robbing stores for them?
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