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Thread: Force Unleashed 2

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    Force Unleashed 2

    has anyone gotten Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 to work with Wiiflow?
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    I don't have it yet, but according to my son we will have it by christmas. I will be following the post to make sure Santa knows how to install it properly when he does bring it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leo1 View Post
    has anyone gotten Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 to work with Wiiflow?
    If you really need help I recommend writing more info about your problem so we can help you.

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    The game gets to the screen that tells you make sure you have the safety strap on the wiimote then freezes. I have tried changeing the settings to IOS 222 and 249. I have a soft modded wii from Dogeggs.

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    This game works with Wiiflow 2.1 a2 and Cfg v60. Loads with cIOS222/223 v4 and loads with cIOS249/250 Rev 20 (base 56 and 57).
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    what is Cfg v60? I know about IOS222/223 but I didn't know there were different versions. how do I know what version do I have?

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    Do a syscheck and read the rev number.

    Cfg is Configurable USB loader. Look in my signature for a guide to install it.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I tried the wiiflow and Cfg v60 on cIOS222/223 and loads with cIOS249/250 don't know which version it is though I would assume it was the latest. Neither one of them worked I will have to try a different ISO. Any other ideas?

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    I got it to work I had to unpack the ISO again and that fixed it. Thanks all!

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    Unpack? We are speaking of a retail/original disc --- right?

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