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Thread: dual layer metroid other m/ssbb help

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    dual layer metroid other m/ssbb help

    I have a few questions about dual layered games that are a little more than 7gb, for example metroid other m and ssbb. i know they wont work on DVD-R so i think id need a DVD-R DL disc to burn them on. My main questions, however, is that iv heard that using these dual layered discs will harm my wii, and id really like to know if thats true lol. My other question is if i were to put it on a external hdd if it works just like any other game or if i have to do anything special?

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    No, it won't harm your Wii. WBFS formatted USB HD takes it as-is, no further modification necessary (FAT has file size limitations, although I know there's ways around it). Consult the Metroid: Other M guide for layerbreak info, etc.


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