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Thread: need help getting usbloadergx running

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    need help getting usbloadergx running

    i am having a lot of trouble getting usbloader running on my wii. i have tried every tutorial out there and cant get a cios installed on my wii. i have tried using wad manager to install an ios and it just returns an error 2011 and/or 1035/102. i have tried installing/uninstalling an ios in dopmii. still nothing. i have tried using tbr to restore the bug and still nothing. i tried that also in dopmii and nothing again. need a lot of help asap.
    i had homebrew running when i first got my wii and then stupidly i updated to 4.3u. not realizing what it would do. i later ran the smash stack exploit and got it running again. i then thought i would downgrade to 4.2 to make it easier if anything was to happen and i was to lose homebrew again. thinking that reinstalling homebrew would help i reinstalled it using bannerbomb and have it running yet again but still getting all of those errors. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is driving me crazy

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    what firmware are you running
    you can find it on the wii settings

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    check to FAQ Section and read the "Error Code" threads. try to understand the root cause of 2011/1035 before action. that's helpful !


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