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Thread: Configurable USB loader not downloading covers...

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    Us Configurable USB loader not downloading covers...New Issue added

    So I have been copying and installing games to my external HD using the Configurable USB Loader and downloading the covers with no problems. Today I installed my copy of Metroid Prime 3 Corruption and went to download the cover art but no dice. The Wii is defiantly correctly configured to connect to the web. Was wondering if anyone else had an issue downloading covers or if anyone knows if the server that handles the images is down. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks a bunch.

    OK OK I FIGURED IT OUT! Apparently the covers are getting stored to my SD card and not the hard drive. What I need help with now is taking said data from my SD card and having it boot from my USB HD. Sorry 4 being a dumb dumb but that's the issue now
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    move the cfg files over to hdd has to be fat32

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cile View Post
    move the cfg files over to hdd has to be fat32
    Thanks a bunch for the speedy reply, I'd really appreciate it if could elaborate a bit more (I'm not trying to sound condescending so if the tone seems harsh please forgive , really appreciate all the help I receive from this site). Where exactly do I copy the configuration file, should it be placed in the root directory of the HD? Also, and I'm hoping you or someone else can answer this, is there a way to eliminate the use of the SD Card and boot the Softmod from the external HD? Right now I am using firmware 4.2u and softmoded my Wii using the 4.3 softmod guide (downgraded firmware) from this site. I think this link will help me in achieving this, , the part particularly about "Installing a Backup Loader", but I may be wrong. Anyway hoping again for a quick reply & the chance to have some knowledge dropped on me.

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    The config file will stay in the usb-loader folder. You will move the usb-loader folder over to the root of your HDD (it mus be formatted to FAT32 for this to work). You can also move the USBloader folder (inside your apps folder) over to an apps folder on the USB HDD.

    If you only have these folders in one location (either SD root or USB root) it should detect everything normally.
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    Hey thanks a bunch, I copied the entire contents of SD card to HD and everything still runs like a charm. Being able to dump things to the HD is much more convenient than the use of SD Card. Once again thanks for the help.


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