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Thread: In the Mix with Armin Van Buuren

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    In the Mix with Armin Van Buuren

    Whoa, I just found out about this one, it was just released. I'm actually a HUGE Armin Van Buuren fan, I've seen him live 4 times. I think it's only officially being released in the UK and Australia but that won't stop me :-)

    In the Mix: Featuring Armin van Buuren - screens - Screens -
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    Thanks for the news
    I never even heard a murmor about this game
    even if the game suck the choons will be great!
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    I can report the game works perfect via softmod with configurable usb loader, Rev14. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a downloadable cover yet, but hopefully that'll be added in the days ahead.

    I like the game so far. At first, the tutorial makes it sound as though it's going to be really hard to control, but in retrospect I think that's just because of the way the tutorial is authored. As I mentioned before, I'm a HUGE Armin Van Buuren fan and have been for nearly a decade. There's a good selection of tunes, includes most of Armin's good ones like Burned with Desire, Shivers, Going Wrong, and a bunch from other artists well. Apparently there about about 60 tracks in total from what I've read plus multiple remixes of the tracks on top of that, but I haven't unlocked them yet. The only thing that would make this track selection perfect is if they had tunes from Above & Beyond, which I think would have been a good addition since they have a very similar style and nearly as popular as Armin.

    Basically you have to use the Wiimote and Nunchuck and use the Cross-Fader, select tunes, do timed EQ effects, beat match. There's a career mode thing where you have to buy different CD decks and turntables with different abilities.

    The music in this game is more of my style than DJ Hero. I wasn't too keen on DJ hero because I don't really like the mainstream House/Pop soundtrack. This game is a more pure Trance soundtrack. If you're like me who's into the whole rave scene and going to see DJ's and stuff at parties this game is pretty cool.
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