"Good news, everyone, because Reggie Fils-Aime has just delivered two bits of good news in his latest interview with SpikeTV.

Good news #1 would be that Wii gamers will finally be able to enjoy online games on their consoles by the second quarter of 2007. According to Reggie,

The multiplayer is coming. During the Japanese launch, there is Pokémon Battle Revolution, and that's really the first one. There will be titles that we'll be announcing in first quarter 2007, that'll be multiplayer-enabled. So during second quarter 2007, people will be able to have a multiplayer experience on Wii.

With the statement above, this pretty much indicates that there would be more titles in the future which will offer multiplayer support. At the moment, only Japan has a Wii game with such a feature, and that comes in the form of Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Good news #2 would be Reggie's little hint that they are currently working on more Wii Channels. He made no mention about what these channels specifically are, but either way, we're looking forward to it (and we're still pinning our hopes that these channels may be related to that little Christmas surprise that Nintendo has promised. But then again, maybe the Christmas surprise would actually be ears for Miis.)"

The Wii Channels sound intriguing....I wonder if it's going to be a market place or if there are bigger plans...