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Thread: Help needed with 4.3U semibricked wii

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    Question Help needed with 4.3U semibricked wii

    Hello to everyone

    My issue is that I have european wii with D2pro hardmod and I recently installed 4.3u firmware from out of region disk ( Kirbys epic yarn NTCS ). I can't acces my wii system settings, giving opera error. So I think I have semibricked my console. I still can play my original PAL games and backups of them. I need to get rid of semibrick and also install HBC, but am I even to able do that with this kind of case..

    Where should I start my operation? ANY help is needed.
    Hope you understand something from my english

    Thanks from Finland, Piitzi

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    good that you have a hardmod, bad that you didn't take measurements against updates (priiloader).
    As you decided to get the hbc which will help you to solve the semibrick easily (more easy with hbc installed than using gameexploits to run programs and install stuff to your wii).
    Just use this Softmod 4.3 Wiis guide.
    It will give you even a little bit more but most importantly, with your chip you should be able to use any of the explained gameexploits, ssbb, lego indiana, yu-gi-oh, what ever you have around.
    Use the guide to downgrade your wii to 4.1 E again (that will solve the semi-brick and you get a wii on 4.1 most recommended systemmenu right now)
    with the guide you get measures against updates, priiloader and stuff to recover from bricks (bootmii).
    make sure you follow the guide step by step, you chip should not interfer but helps right now.

    maybe say hello in the introduction section as well, and you will get even more usefull links like to usbloading check out wiiflow and cfg usbloader (coverflow loaders) on youtube, maybe you want to get one of those for your gamecollection.
    good luck modding your wii and getting rid of the semi-brick.
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