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Thread: Command And Conquer on Wii!

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    Cool Command And Conquer on Wii!

    Well, ive been Wondering what it would be like playing a Command And Conquer game on the Wii , So , im Going to test out each of the C&C's starting with 95 To see if it works on the Dos Emulator , Should Do , Considering the wii has Well over the Specs For playing these Classics, and best thing is that Now , Ea has released the games as a free download , should mean anyone should be able to play xD

    Wii try and post any working screen shots (if any) ,

    for now im sticking with the first two games , but if you can work around the direct x 6.1 System Requirement for Tib Sun , Should be able to play that too .

    Grizzly out!

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    hi i have command and conquer red allert on the wiisx beta2 emulater it works but 1 thing i cant do on it is the box to build new tanks and buildings ????? only got wii remote so dont know if i need a controler to play it love that game aswll
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