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    Us Howdy!

    Howdy ya'll!

    Greetings from Texas! I think it's a privilege to be able to join groups of geeks that enjoys pushing MSPM (Manufacturer's Suggested Playing Method) I'm a geek at heart, and am excited at the prospect of learning from Jedi Masters of wii Hacking! I'm a quick study and hope to some day return the gift of knowledge to someone like me today.
    I have a modded wii, bought it new and handed it to a friend. He's across the pond and I figured I need to know how my modded wii works and how to maintain it properly. Also I'm tired of seeing all those empty channels and am looking forward to learn how to take advantage of Home Brew. (the wii kind) I
    Anyway, thanks for having me and as I said, I hope one day to be able to return what I get from "wiihacks".
    Have an awesome weekend!!

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    Hi sapphire good luck with the mod, Welcome to:
    Please read the Forum Rules and be sure to follow them. If, after reading the tutorials and searching, you still need help with a basic issue go to the Newbie Discussion Forum.


    Follow the appropriate guide for your current system menu.

    • External USB Device setup - Go HERE For WBFS or HERE For FAT32


    Mod Chip Section|SunDriver|WODE|


    Join the IRC and participate in Live chat with members and staff |IRC Welcome & Rules|

    You can use ChatZilla, mIRC or the NEW Chat button in the menu bar to connect.

    - - - -

    You can make a
    Donationif you feel the help you've received at WiiHacks has been useful and you want to give back to the community. You'll also receive a nice banner under your name and can gain access to the Private donator forums.

    Feel free to stick around and contribute where you can. Enjoy your stay at WiiHacks!

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    Damn I suck!!!!


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