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Thread: Wii dosnt load anything after wii shop guide.

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    Wii dosnt load anything after wii shop guide.

    Hey i wanted to get my hands on the sonic colours demo for ds.

    Soo i updated shopping channel via the v20 shopping channel guide on wiihacks.

    This is what i did.

    1. I installed wii shop channel v20(i assumed that i had the latest ios)
    2. 002 error, so i downloaded IOS56-64-v5662.wad

    Wii shopping channel worked, i download nintendo channel update.

    However now whenever i try to load any game, any channel (includng homebrew/custom wads) It goes to a black screen and disconnects the wii mote

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    bump since im recieing no help.

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    Turns out only the shopping channel works!

    Before ios install everything apart from shopping only shopping channel?

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    Why did you post this in two places? A mod needs to delete/lock this thread.
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    More the issue: this user failed to find the guides (there are at least two, Shadow's and Krank's) on here and did what every single softmod guide we put out says not to do: accept an update. Congratulations, time to go back to the softmod drawing board.


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