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Thread: Restore Wii to virgin

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    Question Restore Wii to virgin

    I have a new, black Wii with 4.2E out of the box. I did all kind of things on order to get it softmodded, I started a tutorial but got stuck in the middle of it (because something didn't work, not really sure what it was anymore) but I started following another guide to finish up.

    BootMii is installed as IOS and I backed up my NAND in the beginning of the entire process with it. After that I installed StartPatch (and chose all the patches, so I have no internet on my Wii anymore) because PriiLoader at first wouldn't install. Later on I did manage to install PriiLoader (so now I've both, however I don't think StartPatch is configurable).

    I also installed DARKCORP v1.1 (but it doesn't work, prolly because I have a too new drive), I chose the full option and I think it patches all kinds of IOS's.

    Somehow I can't get USB Loader GX (installed as channel) to work so I want to make my Wii completely virgin and start all over. I did manage to boot my Wii Sports rip with uLoader but USB Loader GX always goes to black when booting a game. uLoader did go to black when trying Wii Sports Resort btw.

    When I tried restore my NAND I got a warning about it being dangerous as BootMii is installed as IOS, it told me to go "konami" on my Gamecube controller. I tried pressing A,B,X and Y at the same time but I never managed to get it to restore my orig NAND.

    Can anyone tell me how to get my Wii completely clean again? (I wanna be able to go on the internet again, and have just one brickblocker - PriiLoader - and have an USB Loader working correctly so I can play all my games straight from a hard drive.)

    Thanks in advance!

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    How to remove softmods and make your Wii a virgin

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