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Thread: Small WiiKey Fusion Problem

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    Small WiiKey Fusion Problem

    Hi Guys

    Ive never modded a console and decided to have ago at modding my wii, i got a wiikey fusion because i liked the idea of being able to play backups from dvd (my wii drive supports it) and from sd card with the ability to update the fusion using a flash on the stdcard a nice addition.

    So now the little problem, Backup games play fine from dvd and st card. However i have some problem titles that when on dvd they work for a short period of time the stop with the text 'Please insert the <gamename> dvd' displayed on a black screen. But these same games work on sd card without problems.

    has anyone an understanding on how they work on sd card but not dvd, Rember i said only a couple have problems most backups work on dvd without problems.

    any help you can offer would be great.

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    What kind of DVDs are you using? I originally used DVD+R, but after some reading and experimenting I bought DVD-R and the games work fine when burned at 2x or 4x speed.

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    Hi and thanks for the reply, Im using DVD-R and as explained most games i have burned work 100% however some games just boot into the game and then a little while later ask for the DVD.

    some of my problem titles include
    smackdown vs raw 2008 to 2010
    Call of duty
    Crash of the titans

    the strange thing is these titles work from sd card without problem, i dont have no other blank dvd at hand to burn them to another brand but its one thing i will be testing as soon as i can get some.


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    Hi mate had the same problem after installing wiikey fusion withe the smackdown games and others that used to work with a wiikey1. Got hold of the wiikey tec and thay said it was down to bad game patch on some games on the internet so i just load those games from sd card

    hope this helps

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    thanks, well ive been in contact with wiikey support. nothing much came from it other than they dont have any problems with the wiikey fusion. obviously theres a problem because it apears im not the only user of a wiikey fusion that has this problem. the place i ordered my wiikey fusion from as now added a notice to customers to buy a Wasabi DX if you require playing backups from dvd. its a little to late in my case.

    wiikey support seem very unhelpfull, god they never even asked what wii console i have or what software was installed on the wii


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    I know what you mean I only went down this road because the drive I installed with wiikey1 on stoped working so I put original drive back that had the goo on the chip with what I thought was the best chip. Just got to hope thay sort something out with the next up date
    just got to find some cheap sd cards
    any ideas any one
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    best prices for sd cards im seeing is about 20 for 16GB of ebay, also intrested in anyone with a cheaper source. Im stuck with a 4GB at the moment 1 backup at a time. although ive notice once its been formated i cant fit some backups on.

  8. #8 16b sdc 16.50 free p&p have orderd 16gb micro sdhc card from hear with no prob

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    thanks for the clicky bodage, does anyone know if the fusion works with 32GB sd cards?


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