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Thread: Just dance 2 reading disc... error

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    Just dance 2 reading disc... error

    well it doesnt happen in every song but then i have to reboot i get black screen reading disc... . I have softmodded wii launched from disc channel and tried from neogamma too . I have 4.2 E wii . Newest CiosX with 56 . I get in game and can load song but in song it freezes tried to burn other DVD too , still same .

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    I'm having the same problem with Mario Strikers Charged .
    I suggest you go to a friend of yours who also has a softmodded wii and try it out on his/her wii. If it works it's propably the laser in your wii, although I'm not completely sure of this.
    If it doesn't work on your friends wii either it's propably the disc.

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    You two are both fail. This section is for hard modded consoles only.
    Come to the Irc room to get help or just have fun

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