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Thread: upgraded to 4.3and lost homebrew

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    upgraded to 4.3and lost homebrew

    i had uploaded the homebreware to my wii but then i must have left it open as the wii updated (could have been 3yr old daughter). So now my homebrew channel has disspeared and now i can't figure out how to get it back. I am now running V4.3 on the wii and i don't have access to Lego Indiana Jones(i do have Lego star wars). If anyone has any instructions on how to reload my homebrew or downgrade that would be great.


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    have a look again at post #6 of the other thread you asked in.
    You already know what to do, get one of the games (without Hbc / bootmii at boot2 installed or Priiloader installed you will need one of the games and only those mentioned (borrow them, shout out on facebook, friends, video it), no way around it)
    Good luck in re-softmodding using the Softmod 4.3 Wiis guide (questions go in that guide).

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    fw 4.3 kills homebrew eg removes cios,homebrew channel
    so you can do anything i suggest you need to downgrade ur system to 4.1x
    using mauifrogs downgrade guide its worth doing 100%
    i did it to


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