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Thread: PAL disc on NTSC Wii?

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    PAL disc on NTSC Wii?

    So, I got Super Mario Bros Wii PAL but its too big for my usb stick. So, I burned the SMB image to a DVD. I have Homebrew Channel installed thanks to the tutorial on these forums.

    What do I have to do to play SMBW PAL on my NTSC wii? I have 4.3u as well. I want to play from the disc until I get my HD. Any helps?

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    Was your Wii bought as a 4.3? If so I don't believe your drive will play DVDs.
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    I foolishly allowed it to update when I first bought it. Its one of the black wiis. Maybe was 4.1?

    I put the dvd in and it wouldn't read it at all.

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    The black wii can't play dvd's the older black wii 's were 4.2 sorry bud looks like ya gotta coaster for yer beer


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