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Thread: problem updating wii shop

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    problem updating wii shop

    I have been trying to get netflix to work without the disc. I seem to not have the shop channel at all on my softmodded wii (done from 4.1 via guide on this site) I got the Netflix for Dummies guide and tried the update lilnk for the wii shop channel.
    I have wad manager 1.3 . when i tried to install the 2 wads I never got the prompt <IOS249. It just listed the wads on the sd card. I tried to install them directly but just got an error message 1017. Do I need to insall a new wad manager or a full version of the wii shop channel? thanks for any help

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    so why don't you use the wadmanager 1.7 mentioned in the shop update guide ?
    If you need Wad Manager -- WAD-Manager_v1.7.rar

    Guide: Wii Shop without updates

    good luck

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