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Thread: Classic controller on snes9xgx

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    Classic controller on snes9xgx

    I can't seem to get the classic controller working for this emulator. I plug it into my wiimote and press the buttons, nothing happens, I've tried going to game settings then button mappings etc. But I cant find the option of setting classic controller to default. All gamecube controllers are unplugged.
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    It should work by default. Is it an official Nintendo controller or a third party? There have been known problems with third party controllers in the past. From the change log:

    4.1.7 - April 9, 2010

    * Freezing issue fixed
    * Core timing fixes, should solve some problems with some games
    * Most 3rd party controllers should work now (you're welcome!)
    * 7z crash fixed
    * GameCube only - DVD/SD Gecko fixed (thanks emukidid!)
    * Translation updates (German and Dutch)
    * Other minor changes

    Notice that it says most.
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    It may very well be a 3rd party, I got it for a few quid off ebay. I may also have an older version of snes9x

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