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Thread: hello, totally novice and useless...

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    Question hello, totally novice and useless...

    hi to all, ok, my problem is this..
    i got ripped off (scammed)my fault. but i wish to make the best of it. i have a jap Wii, in box, new. i live in uk. not good so far. i can sort out the power supply no problem. my problem is the language, and how can i get it to play uk games? is it also possible to get the thing to understand english??
    all your advice would be most appreciated..

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    go install homebrew channel via twilight hack
    get anyregion changer, and change it to Pal
    simple as that xD

    also this should help u some

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    thank you

    thank you very much, i am useless with these things, but the kids love them.. they play on their friends, and i got this one from friends. but now i need to get it

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