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Thread: not sure if bricked

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    not sure if bricked

    i was uninstallin wads off the wii. was tryin to get the right wads on it.. now i powered down and then re powered the wii and i get nothing..

    tv just says no signal. so i hook cords to the other softmodded wii and it works fine..

    disc tray blinks once, and can't sync wiimote.. i can eject and put games in tray but tv just says no signal
    what's the damage =(

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    What did you uninstalled? It sounds like a brick.

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    i just thought i took off the wads i had previously installed pretty much

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    Some wads can cause problems, and if you are not sure how to uninstall them correctly and have no protection you can brick. do you have bootmii or priiloader?

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    A no signal usually means a missing System IOS. Did you make a nand backup? What is the serial number of your Wii. You can look here and see if it is old enough to be boot2 compatible. If you don't have a nand backup and your Wii isn't boot2 compatible then your most likely out of luck.

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    i could have sworn i did nan backup i followed the tutorial not sure bout the boot 2 LU361178981

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    Yeah i have both on the sd card


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