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Thread: going disc free with Netflix help

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    going disc free with Netflix help

    I just got an email stating that netflix is giving up the disc method and you need to download a channel from the shopping channel. I have 2 questions regarding this:
    1. I have a softmodded wii that is working great but when i go to the shopping channel it does not come up. I did the 4.1 softmod using the great guide on this site, do i not have a shopping channel or need to do something further to get it.
    2. Once I do have the shopping channel working is it ok to get the netflix channel or will it cause probs with my softmodded wii.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Thanks, will this work even though at this point I seem to have no shop channel at all (or is it just an update for an existing version of shop channel), mine just goes back to the main menu when i try to go to shop channel.

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    I just tried to update my shop channel with the link provided in the netflix for dummies. It did not work as described in the guide. I got the wads on my sd card (unzipped) and then tried to load them using my wad manager (v1.3) it did not prompt me to select <ISO249. it just went straight to the list of wads on the card. I tried the two I needed and got an error (1017) Do I need to change/update my wad manager?

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    I had the same issue...Use WAD-Manager_v1.7

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    I just tried to put wad 1.7 in the same sd card and it is not showing up on HBC am I forgetting some step. It is on the card but not showing up on the hbc list of programs, wad manager 1.31 is still there, do i need to delete that one?

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    Make sure you put the WAD-Manager_v1.7 folder within the existing APPS folder

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    I Did It

    I am so proud of myself, with the help of all the great posts I got everything working. Turns out my problem was that the new wad manager 1.7 needed the file renamed to boot.dol. fixed that and everyhing else went grand, thanks all. It makes a mom proud to accomplish this with her 6 year old son looking over her shoulder saying "is it done yet"


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