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Thread: WBFS, Game Cover Art

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    WBFS, Game Cover Art

    Hello everyone. I use 'wbfs_file Simple Gui 1.0.9' to convert my ISO files into the HDD I use. Now, when I do this, the cover art for the games are not there, and I was wondering if someone can teach me how to get the COVER ART so that it shows when I am in the USB Loader and am about to choose the game I want to play.


    PS. I think 'WBFSManager3.0.1-RTW-x64' has some kind of option to do that or something, but it cant find my FAT32 HDD, so I guess I cant use it.

    Thanks again.

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    Are you connected to the internet? Find the game you want, then move the controller over to where the art box is, and click on that. I think it confirms how many you are missing and then asks if you want to download them. Click yes, and it does it. Very nice feature

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    If you don't have wi-fi for your wii you can go to wiitdb and get the cover art from there. You will have to label it correctly and put it in the right folder for your loader to display them.

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    download wii game manager (google it) mount your wbfs drive onto it and you can download full covers 3d covers and disc then need to transfer the images over to your uloader covers folder.


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    Thanks... I will be trying that BRIGGS, its best hep ever. thanks.


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