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Thread: Launch Wii with original wiikey...4.3U?

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    Launch Wii with original wiikey...4.3U?

    Hey guys. I am new here and have been out of the wii scene for a while. I am not one to just ask. I have read many, many post on several different forums and I see different answers which is of course confusing. I have a launch day Wii with an original WiiKey. It is updated to 4.2U (official). I would just like to know if it is save to update to 4.3U (official). I'm not worried about region free as 4.2U took care of that. I only play US games so, I did not care about it. I just play backed up Wii/Gamecube homebrew of any kind.

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    Anyone? I am wanting to update so I can get the disc free Netflix.

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    Dont update the wii......

    Go here and update your wii shop channel and then go here to download netflix channel from nintendo that is free no need for the disk.....

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    Thanks of the reply but I have no idea how to do any of that. I have never messed with any that wad stuff or whatever it is..I put in a chip to play backups and that is it. I never plan on messing with any of that other junk, it is to time consuming. Again thanks for the reply though

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    Hi, same here. Running on 4.2e with wiikey2, but lot of games freezein the middle of gameplay. I'm looking for upgrades, haven't used the wii for about a year;-)


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